Automating Video Testimonials

September 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Lauren Locke-Paddon: I looked at your account and you're using Vocal Video across 12 distinct communities. These brands have captured, just to give a sense for the people on the call the scale we're talking about over the last year, so you've captured 199 videos, from different people. You've published 107 videos, and created 66 distinct Video Vollectors, which are the links that are our customers can send to folks via email or social media or anywhere you can embed a link. These videos and then the embeds that you've used on your website have thousands, tens of thousands of plays I've looked at. I'm curious to hear a little bit about, how you got to that growth.

Rose Johnstone: We are truly very lucky that we have a couple of awesome video editors as part of the team here. However, as you mentioned, we have been rapidly growing and suddenly those video editors become incredibly stretched. So where, you know, in our founding year, we might have had an opportunity to collaborate with them, work on ad hoc videos, promotional content, and bits and pieces like that, but as we scaled and more and more events were being filmed and courses were being filmed and edited and all sorts of bits and pieces in terms of kind of our weekly monthly content that our video editors were involved in, the "nice to have" requests got further and further down the list.

What we were seeing is a bit of a blockage and our "nice to haves" which actually were really fundamental to our marketing strategy were being pushed further and further down the list, which was why we really wanted a self serve solution. And that is how we came across a Vocal Video and started using that.

Lauren Locke-Paddon: Even in a company like the Product Marketing Alliance where you've obviously invested in video, you have two people on staff. There's a story where you want those folks to be doing their best work probably with the marquee customers working on these sophisticated projects. Not only because you kind of want to put the best tool to the best place. And what I hear is that having a more automated approach, more short format informal way to create video can free them up to do their best work and also increase their job satisfaction a bit because they're not working on something that can be boring. If you're an artist, it can be a little bit boring doing some more things like that.

I think also, you know, and definitely on the things you're saying about the authenticity and scale we live in a time where reviews are incredibly important. And you have, I feel like for events, it's all in and it's a more concentrated world because everything is so time bound, that you get the opportunity to get the registrations and get the folks there or it's over.

Rose Johnstone: Yeah, absolutely. So the biggest win for us so far is that having the ability to deliver a lot of high quality social posts. Like we said at the top, you know, video is becoming fast becoming, if not already the top rated kind of performer and a lot of social algorithms, even though our audience, you know, we are in a complete business to business space. Linkedin is the number one tool for us. We don't just want to be repurposing that kind of similar content. You know, we work on a global scale, which means we like to post at varying times a day to make sure people can see our content and stuff like that. And if you're a marketer or a social media manager very quickly you fall into that same couple of templates, same format and you are crying out for some nice graphics and good video content and all that sort of stuff.

Like I mentioned having these sorts of tools internally means that we can totally leave our in house video production team to much more complex projects and like you said, stuff that they find really rewarding. So creating nice fun animations and promo sequences, recording our complex course content, all of that sort of stuff. You know, repurposing our event video content. We are producing a lot of content all the time and more and more of it is video based. It's awesome that they are completely freed up to be prioritizing those items.

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