Anh Nguyen on Vocal Video

December 11, 2020

Video Transcript

Speakers: Anh Nguyen, Principal + Founder, Spark Event Management

Why are testimonial videos important to your business?

Anh Nguyen: Testimonial videos are super important for our business because in today's overcrowded marketplace, where people are being bombarded with marketing messages, it's really hard to cut through the noise and build trust. People want to hear from other real people. So testimonial videos allow our happy customers and clients to do the selling on our behalf.

How are you using Vocal Video?

Anh Nguyen: We are using Vocal Video in a lot of different ways. We are using it to collect client testimonial videos, but we're also using it to collect staff video profiles or using it to share video tips from our team on our social media channels. And we're also using it as a platform where our speakers can submit promotional videos for our events. So we're using it in all different ways on many different channels, not just to collect client video testimonials. It's a really practical tool that can be applied to lots of aspects of your business.

If you had to describe Vocal Video in a couple of sentences, what would you say?

Anh Nguyen: Vocal Video has removed all of the pain out of collecting, recording, compiling, editing and distributing videos in our business. It is an amazing product that has taken what used to be a really painful process and made it extremely smooth and efficient.

How do you use testimonial videos from Vocal Video?

Anh Nguyen: We are using the videos that we're collecting through Vocal Video, mostly on our social media channels. So they make it so easy to collect, compile and produce these videos that we are putting them out as client testimonials, resources, tips, staff profiles. We're using it for a wide array of different content that we're sharing on our social media channels.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Anh Nguyen: I definitely would recommend Vocal Video to anyone, and I definitely have recommended it to a lot of people. They have made it completely seamless to collect, record, and produce professional branded videos, something that used to take me hours with multiple pieces of software and platforms. Now it could be done in a couple of minutes. So it's a wonderful product. I've recommended to tons of people and would highly recommend people check it out if they need to create professional branded videos.

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