Social Proof Drives In-Person Event Registration

October 31, 2022

Video Transcript

Something which I guess isn't unique to events-focused companies in this time but is very important is that level of authenticity. So obviously coming off the back of the covid pandemic, the return to in person events has been presented a lot of challenges for our audience. You know, you have to have that element of trust. People are cautious about booking tickets months in advance of a date, especially for an in person event where travel might be required. And there's all these variables. I think a really massive win us, which I was reflecting on over the last couple of weeks or so, is that we are really bringing our events to life. It's not just another social post listing off the topics or repurposed content from the website. We are, you know, we've got these speakers, they're highly engaged. They are participating in like a sneak preview style video, which is the example that we can look at now. But yeah, that was really the biggest one for us. Scale and authenticity and building trust at face value. So yeah, that is kind of how we've begun our journey.

One thing I would add to kind of increasing that response rate frequency is as soon as you have one awesome video that is the real template, include that in your outreach. You know, people love to see where they're going to be featured and see how being on video, there's not really anywhere to hide. So I think having that trust of this is what the end product will look like and this is, you know, how to be shared on a lot socials, here's an example from last week - that kind of thing instantly takes away that fear of, you know, if I mess up or they publish something with a spelling mistake or all of those kind of questions which are obviously crucial if you are putting yourself on camera.

You can only publish a high quality video unless something has gone very wrong. But what the reason for kind of bringing that up was we had a huge period of hiring last year and our team rapidly doubled in size. But it meant that from the outset, we could trust those fairly inexperienced team members to be requesting and producing Vocal Videos, you know, in their first 2-3 months of the role, because we knew the parameters that Vocal Video set meant that we were going to get a good video out of it. It made the proofing process incredibly straightforward and you're essentially just watching the 1 to 2 minute video, making sure that there's no bloopers on the automated subtitles and going from there. And yeah, that was why it was so easy to scale and roll it out across all the other communities.

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