4-time CMO Kirby Wadsworth Social Cut Copy

August 10, 2020

An excerpt from a video interview with Kirby Wadsworth, CMO of Illusive Networks shares the biggest ah-ha moment of his marketing career.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kirby Wadsworth, CMO, Illusive Networks

Kirby via Handbrake: Give me a new way to look at an old problem. Now it could be that they changed my perspective. Maybe they challenge some constraints that I boxed myself into. They helped me kind of unpack my thinking and rethink the way that that I'm thinking, But there give me a new way to think, or give me an idea. Or the seed of an idea that I can take and use to make my daily life better, to do better in my career, to advance my company. Those of the sales reps did get through and get through more than once. He also said when you send those sales reps if I let you in when I send them to you, One more thing don't have them. Come in. Look around my office, See the picture of my children, you know, sitting on my desk and started asking me about my family. I'm divorced. My wife got custody. It's kind of a painful subject. Okay, there's your first

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