Rich Hall | My Favourite Highlight Since Working at Venntro

November 16, 2022

Hear what Rich has to say about this role, his favourite highlight since working here, and what he loves about the culture at Venntro Media Group.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rich Hall, Acquisitions Manager

Please introduce yourself and your role in a couple of sentences.

Rich Hall: Hi, my name is Rich and I'm an Acquisitions Manager at Venntro Media Group I'm responsible for managing our in-house dating sites, and acquiring members on those sites. As part of this, I'm always looking for new opportunities - whether that be new niches, new territories to expand into - anywhere that online dating is particularly successful and then we can share that information with our partners to ensure the most success and the most growth for everyone.

Could you share your favourite highlight since working in this role at Venntro?

Rich Hall: I've worked in a few different roles at Venntro Media Group over the years - starting in quite an entry level position and working my way through the ranks as it were. Any time a new opportunity comes along, it feels like a highlight in itself. But most recently in this role, earlier this year, we launched our affiliate network as a new way of acquiring dating traffic. I was really heavily involved in that from the start and to see it all go smoothly. and see the success that's come from that is really, really nice to see. It's really, really positive.

What do you find is the best part of Venntro's culture?

Rich Hall: I think the best thing about Venntro's culture is the work from where you're happiest approach. So working from home for a few years was great. I got to spend a lot more time with my children and with my family. But it is nice to get out of the house just one day a week to meet colleagues and see each other face to face and have a nice catch up. That's really, really encouraged at Venntro - which is really, really nice.

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