Jerry Timothy Joyce for Vitality Pro

November 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jerry Timothy Joyce

Introduce yourself and your Vitality Pro product.

Jerry Timothy Joyce: Hi. My name is Tim Joyce, and I take Calcium AKG every day. And, my parents, they also take it. My dad's 89 and my mom is 87 and my wife, she takes it. Also, we all take it every day, and, everyone has very good blood work. My dad's blood work is perfect at 89 and our our blood pressures are all good. And everybody is in really good shape. Metabolism is good. I can eat anything, and I don't gain weight. Brian Johnson from the blueprint protocol, introduced me this Calcium AKG. That's what he takes. And he tests everything. It's a very good product. And Vitality Pro is a really good company. It's fast shipping and very professional.

What are your goals, and what did you want to achieve?

Jerry Timothy Joyce: My health goals are mainly to stay healthy to, exercise a little bit every day and to stay mentally and physically healthy. And I mainly take the Calcium AKG for longevity.

What has your experience been with the product so far?

Jerry Timothy Joyce: Since I've been using Vitality Pro products. My health has gotten better. My blood pressure has came from slightly high to a very good on the low end now, And my overall health, my energy level, everything has been positive.

Would you recommend Vitality Pro to others?

Jerry Timothy Joyce: I do recommend by Vitality Pro, to everyone. Actually since I'm in the United States, I used to order quite a bit, so I get the free shipping, and I order other products for my friends also.

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