Vimly Solutions: Vimly DataBridge™

September 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Yaw, Product Manager

What is Vimly DataBridge?

Mark Yaw: Vimly DataBridge™ is our integrations offering that connects systems together at Vimly, we believe that employee benefits should feel simple and easy for everyone involved. Connectivity between your systems should just work. Vimly DataBridge is how we make that happen. It's how we connect you with over 100 and 50 health plans, ancillary carriers, HRIS platforms and more. We offer connections using modern, real-time APIs, both in REST format or GraphQL, and also with EDI file feeds using either standard formats or proprietary formats too.

How does Vimly DataBridge benefit the clients of Vimly?

Mark Yaw: Vimly DataBridge brings a ton of value for our clients. We get all your EDI feeds to carriers propped up quickly in record time. We help you automate processes and reduce your administrative costs and we help make everything feel totally seamless for your members.

What else can you tell us about Vimly DataBridge?

Mark Yaw: Vimly DataBridge helps you get up and running quickly and gives you a differentiating edge. If you're watching this video, you're probably feeling the pain points of dealing with multiple systems that can't seem to talk to each other. You're looking for a great partner, with a solid solution, priced fairly, and can be deployed quickly. That's us! So check us out and get in touch and we'll chat soon.

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