MedMal Practice Landscape - Brain Tumor

October 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Describe your experience working with the team at VBG.

Okay, go hello my daughter and I would like to share our story of how Pete and Nicole's law firm helped us through the most difficult time of our life. Five years ago we found out that mistreatment by her doctor cause my daughter to develop a massive brain tumor. This led to her losing her sight, becoming physically and mentally impaired and being in a constant state of significant pain and suffering. She lost her job and the ability to take care of herself in her home. Her new doctors were of the belief that if she survived, she would most likely not recover her vision and be able to take care of herself for the rest of her life. My wife and I became her caretakers again seeking the best doctors and legal advice to help Stephanie regain her life. We needed a lawyer who not only would ensure our daughter had the monetary means to survive the rest of her life, but also could help us select the best treatment facilities and doctors. Over four years, we probably had an excess of 20 professionals treating my daughter at more than four major medical facilities. We interviewed other lawyers but we were fortunate enough to find Nicole and Pete even before we sign with our law firm, Pete doggedly pursued my daughter's case, offering us valuable insight into the best doctors treatment facilities and how to protect her rights. I knew then we had found the right professionals to help us through our ordeal. She would also like to further expand on our experiences with Pete Nicole. I would like to add that Pete and Nicole and their staff treated us like family and we're available whenever we needed them for anything related to my care. They helped us with disability insurance issues, life management plans, financial experts to secure a lifetime income for me and counseling to help me adjust to my new, seriously altered lifestyle. They listen to our problems, viewpoints and expectations and acted on them in a compassionate and professional manner. The grace of God. Numerous doctors and compassionate people like Pete Nicole help me live, see again and have a future Pete and Nicole and their staff will always remain close to our hearts and will be a part of her life. Anyone needing help like we did, we'll surely find it with Pete and Nicole and their exceptional law firm staff.

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