Michelle Gugick Wrongful Death Claim

February 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michelle Gugick

Describe your experience working with Paul Brandes and the team at Villari law?

Michelle Gugick: mm hmm. I would describe the experience working with Paul and his team at VBG. In one word, Easy, Paul was able to explain complex legal matters in layman's terms so I could clearly understand the process we were going through. He and his team also made themselves available for questions at any time. They were so responsive either by phone or email, they were always there for me, and I felt that I could reach out and ask. Anything I needed to ask was really helpful.

How did Paul Brandes help or assist you and your children after the car crash that took the life of their father?

Michelle Gugick: The car accident that took the life of my son's father was caused by a drunk driver in reviewing the situation, including the police report. Paul knew we had a strong case and we pursued a wrongful death claim. There were so many complexities in this case, though, so the victims were not driving their own car. They were in an Uber and the driver wasn't driving his own car. He was in a rented truck, and he also lied about having car insurance. So it was not a straightforward case. But Paul and his team had the knowledge and experience and the talent to navigate all of these complexities that ultimately led us to a successful outcome.

What did you most appreciate or like about working with and interacting with Paul Brandes?

Michelle Gugick: The death of my son's father at the age of only 59 was truly devastating for our family. One of the things I appreciated most about working with paul was that he was so compassionate and sensitive to that. So yes, practicing law is his work and yes, he's very talented at that, but he's also really human and the way that he worked with us with kindness and sensitivity and you know, just compassion while it really made a big difference to us.

Did you receive the results you were hoping for or expecting from Paul Brandes and the team at the firm?

Michelle Gugick: Okay, paul was able to achieve a substantial settlement in our wrongful death claim. This financial security for my Children is the only positive thing that came out of the death of their father. I will always be grateful to paul and the team for that.

If a close friend were looking for a lawyer, what would you say to him/her about Paul Brandes and firm?

Michelle Gugick: If a close friend were seeking a lawyer, I would highly recommend Paul Brandes and his colleagues at VBG. They have the knowledge, experience and talent to win cases, and they were compassionate, responsive and easy to work with, so its a win for everyone.

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