2021 Video Predictions

April 07, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Chris Gillespie, Editor in Chief & CEO, Fenwick. Cecilia Haynes, Product Marketing Manager, Sendible. Carolyn Bao, Product Marketing, Intuit. Ashwin Balakrishnan, Senior Marketing Manager, Optmyzr. Jeff Benanto, Head of Customer Marketing, Logz.io

Chris Gillespie: One of the ways we're going to use video for marketing in 2021 is to expose our process and what happens behind the scenes to clients. Now that we're all working remotely, it's a lot more difficult to do that. And video gives us one avenue for showing rather than telling on helping people really understand all that that goes into what we do, which is creating writing a designing content.

Cecilia Haynes: Three ways that I'll be using video in my marketing efforts in 2021: the first is to continue creating lightweight training videos for our trialists. These are 1-3 minutes long, centered around particular features that help trialist find success on our platform. They're very easy to consume and easy to produce. The second is to lean into video case studies. These give our customers a voice and help them sell Sendible as a platform. They're also great to repurpose into multiple formats. The third is to lean into video on social media. So our social media manager Ellie actually has found that the greatest engagement on her post tend to be video posts. So it's a great strategy to build your engagement and expand your audience.

Ashwin Balakrishnan: We'll be continuing our PPC Town hall property, which we started in 2020 just as, the world got really crazy. It started as a safe space for search marketers to vent, and it's slowly evolved into a very strong and reliable learning session. That's something that we plan to continue through. 2021. We're already off to a great start. We're gonna keep pushing out more great content.

Jeff Benanto: As we transition to a remote workforce in 2020 you saw the bar being slightly reduced for video communications. You know, not every organization every marketing had to create those consistently high quality videos. You could create more informal, more off the cuff videos using using things like Zoom and other and other tools. And it created a little bit more of an informal approach. tp videos especially. Things like customer testimonial videos. You don't no longer have to rely on those sort of buttoned up formal case studies include a lot of b-roll People are looking for more authentic informal real conversations, whether it's from a customer of software that you may be looking to purchase or whether it's from executives within an organization that you're looking to partner with.

Carolyn Bao: We human brains are wired to remember stories way better than the abstract numbers. Video is the best form there is to convey compelling stories in digital space where you would use videos.

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