How to use Vocal Video for Video Interviews

April 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Katherine Leung, Product Expert Candidate

Ask applicants to record a video instead.

Send your top candidates a Video Collector and review the responses on your own time.

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Could you (briefly) share your relevant experience?

Katherine Leung: I have experience with project management, so I know how to start something on my own, make sure it gets done, see the whole process through, involve all stakeholders, and make sure that there's data backing up everything I do...

Katherine Leung: ... My experience has mostly been in teaching. I've been a teacher for nine years. As a teacher, I know what it's like to sit in front of a large group of people and wow them, captivate them, grab their attention, manage them - and if I can do it with little kids, I can definitely do that with adults. I have facilitated a lot of workshops and a lot of adult learning, so that comes naturally to me...

Could you share why you're interested in this role?

Katherine Leung: ... I'm someone that is a good listener; someone that speaks slowly and makes information accessible. I don't make people feel bad about stuff that they don't know. In fact, I always frame the speaker, the customer, the learner - always as an expert.

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