Vida Keene - Solarversary

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vida Keene

Vida Keene: Hi, I'm Vida Keene, Senior Manager of Quality and Vendor Relations. I'd like to spend a couple of minutes telling you about my experiences, contacting customers for our solarversary outreach project. So this has been a really great experience for me coming from, you know, no call center experience at all. Coming from the operations and design world. I had only interacted with customers on actual install sites, so just a few in person. But yeah, contacting customers has been really eye-opening for me. Really just great to have customers that., you know, have opinions about their systems and their savings and just, you know, having made this really big commitment to Sunrun for 25 years, it's been really cool. So the I was lucky enough to have the very first experience, be a customer who actually answered the phone and was super happy with his system. So that was, that was great and looking to add on and I was able to use my design experience and go and look at his layout and actually point out, you know, places where they could add more panels. He wanted to add a battery as well. and, yeah, he was looking to buy an EV and things like that. So I encouraged him to go after a second system. So that was fun. Yeah, I've had customers who wanted to get put on the list for retrofit for batteries in the future as you know, probably a lot of you have seen. I've had customers who unfortunately had, their system just isn't living up to the expectations that, they had understood from the sales rep in the beginning either, you know, the savings that they're getting, some of that obviouslyvclouded by the gas price increases that a lot of us have seen around the country with our utilities. But also just you know, for like how, how large of a system they thought they would be able to get, and how much savings they thought they would be experiencing. So, so that there's been a couple of rough conversations but it's been good to talk through them. I had one who was convinced that she should be getting a rebate even though she had a leased system. So that was a little awkward but, you know, just told her to talk to her tax professional. Teah, so I will just keep on listening to these calls. I'm really excited to be part of this program and to be feeding information back into improving our processes and our content, our Karts to help you. And it just really gives me so much appreciation for the wonderful work that all of our agents are doing. So, Thank you, thank you for continuing to make our customer experiences the best they can possibly be. Really appreciate all of you.

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