Veterinary Receptionist Week

April 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: David Glattstein, Prez. David Bessler. Kristen Lombardi

David Bessler: Thank you VEG receptionists for always giving our customers a fantastic VEG experience. From the second they walk in until the second they leave. You make them feel welcome. And at home you let them know how seriously we take their emergencies and you get them everything that they need when they need it most. Thank you also for making me feel at home and welcome and being happy to see me whenever I come visit. So keep on fighting the VEGolution Viva.

Kristen Lombardi: Hey, it's Kristen Lombardi. Happy Reception Week. So why are receptionists so important to VEG reception is set and end the tone of the customer experience. They provide critical support to the clinical teams and they're key to delivering spikes and the VEG show. So, uh we couldn't do much without reception. We couldn't operate The VEG Way without reception and we would not have the VEG customer experience without reception. And uh my heart goes out to you. Thank you so much and Happy Reception Week.

David Glattstein: Hey, VEGgie receptionists, it's Anna David and Abby here. We wanted to say Happy Veterinary Receptionist Week. We're so grateful for you guys. Uh Our receptionists are the first faces that we see when we enter a VEG and you bring a sense of comfort of hope, uh of brightness. And um, I know that uh all of us appreciate that our customers appreciate that and we're here to say that we appreciate you so much. Thank you. We sure do. When, when I um, first started working with David, one of the things I talked about was how our receptionist were essentially our director of First impressions. They set the tone for the entire visit. We know when our customers walk in the door, they're nervous. Um They don't know how to feel and your confidence and smile, I think allow them to know they're gonna get a great experience from the second they walk in our doors. And so you set the tone for everything. So, um, also just incredibly appreciative and uh thanks for having us to be a part of this Happy Veterinary Receptionist Week. Thank you all for everything that you do every day. Thank you all

David Bessler: Happy Veterinary receptionist week.

David Glattstein: Happy Veterinary receptionist week.

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