1 - Dr. Tracy Cohen-Grady - I Get To Do This

January 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Dr. Cohen-Grady, Emergency Veterinarian

Describe a "Wow, I get to do this" moment you've had while at VEG.

Dr. Cohen-Grady: My name is Dr. Tracy Cohen-Grady um an E.R. doctor at VEG and a moment where I was like wow I get to do this which was so much fun was I was doing a laceration repair on a dog's ear and I had the family watching me and they were just so interested in what I was doing, they just loved that I was explaining what I was doing and I got to make them a part of it. I got to let them come over and actually put their hands on their pet and help them help their pet in a in a surgical sort of way who does that? Who was allowed to do that? I've worked at several hospitals and they won't even let you like watch much less participate. So I really love teaching, I love educating and these these this family was just so thrilled and happy and taken aback and they too understood the value of what we're doing because we involved them they were able to help their pet, which is the only thing that anybody wants to do when they come here. We just want to help our pets

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