Happy National Scribe Week

June 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Quin Yeager, Scribe Operations Manager. Allie Aspden, Scribe Program Manager. davids, Founders. Inbal Futterman, Medical Director. Karena Joung, Medical Director Mentor. Caleb Murphy (and Shrewsbury Doctors), MD. Kevin Baker, Associate Medical Director. Michael Micheal, ER Doc - NERD

Allie Aspden: Scribes are so important to me for a million and a half reasons. I'm not sure I could pick just one and I could probably talk for an hour or so. But I, what I will say is one thing I do appreciate most about them is um how hard they work and how hard they work to represent this program in such a positive way. And I couldn't do what I do without them. And it's really incredible to watch uh such amazing individuals reach their goals within this program and I'm just happy to be along for the ride.

Quin Yeager: Scribes are important because they allow doctors to get out on time. They give doctors better work life balance so that they can see more patients and just provide overall better patient care by connecting more with the owners, you know, being able to have more eye contact and being able to pay greater attention to the medical details of the case. Instead of worrying about the documentation and all of the stress that goes along with that. I also think scribing is important because it gives opportunities to pre-vet students. It allows them the opportunity to really get their foot in the door to emergency medicine, which is an opportunity that normally takes years of vetting and climbing up the ladder before you can just work beside the doctor. So this is a great way for students to really be able to get their foot in the door and go to school and gain clinical experience at the same time. So this can really help um to prepare for veterinary schools since the scribes are seeing so many cases from start to finish and they really get to learn everything through the eyes of a veterinarian. What I probably appreciate the most about scribes is their curiosity. I think scribes are like little sponges everywhere, just absorbing knowledge and always being willing to help out the team and the doctors. They are amazing. So, thank you so much to our scribes.

Inbal Futterman: Hi guys. I wanna wish you a very happy Scribe Week. Um I'm so, so grateful for all that you do every day. And you really helped revolutionize the way we practice medicine here at VEG Clifton because of everything you do, we're able to see more patients communicate more effectively, notate, more effectively and it allows us to help more patients every day. Thank you so much for what you do.

Bethany Weinheimer: Thank you, scribes for making our medical records. Excellent and helping us practice the most amazing medicine so we can help people on their pets when we need it most. We couldn't do this without you. Thank you.

Karena Joung: Hi, it's Karena Joung. I want to talk about how much we appreciate. Scribes all the hard work that you do to help the doctors and the staff really get the patients and the customers in and out as quickly as possible. The patient, medical quality is higher when scribes are there and you all are the experts at medical record writing. It makes VEG look so progressive in a time where I think that the veterinary industry is suffering in other hospitals and other corporations the scribes at VEG make us look great, thank you.

Caleb Murphy (and Shrewsbury Doctors): I'm so grateful for the scribes because when I get home, I don't have another 4 to 6 hours of work when I get really sleepy and I'm just totally done with it. And then I would skimp on my records and so they're not skimped and we thank you for that and then I get to spend more time with him.

Michael Micheal: So our scribes are very important for us, especially as a nerd. Um They teach me how to stay on track. Um They also help me become more efficient and just manage my time better and how to write better notes. That is the VEG way.

Michael Micheal: I am so very grateful to all our scribes here in San Ramon. You guys helped me a lot during the onboarding process with VEG on just the way we write records and how to kind of stay on top of charges and um improve my time efficiency. I'm also very grateful for you guys during the last few weeks um helping us put just vitals and treatments. Um That kind of helps a lot with busy days um and helps us nerds not forget stuff and you guys are just so kind to us in that way. So we're very, very thankful for all of you.

Kevin Baker: Happy Scribe week, San Ramon, scribes. You guys are amazing at helping us doctors be involved with our patients, be paying attention to our clients and giving them that full veg experience. You guys save us so much time at the end of our days with all those uh long medical records that we need to write. And oftentimes you, you even know what I need before I even ask you to help me. So keep up what you're doing and thank you so much for all your help.

davids: Hi scribes. I just wanna say that having been a doctor, uh an er doctor on the floor, there is nothing more demoralizing than coming to the end of your shift and realizing you have a pile of records that you have to write before you can go home. There's nothing more amazing than finding that you have a scribe that's written all those records for you and you get to go home at a decent time, you elevate record writing from a craft to an art by capturing the VEG experience in a medical record, no doubt. And I would also say is the business guy. Um I'm extremely focused on the VEG experience for the customers walking in the door and the VEG experience goes extremely well when everyone is doing their job that everyone is great at and you help provide that and elevate the VEG experience for our doctors, for the nurses, for everybody. And frankly, people also just love having you by their side, which is awesome. So happy appreciation week for all of you. We appreciate you today and every day. So thank you, love you, scribes, love you

Allie Aspden: Thank you.

Quin Yeager: Thank you, scribes.

Inbal Futterman: Thank you. Mm.

Karena Joung: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Caleb Murphy (and Shrewsbury Doctors): Thank you, Kendall and Kelly and Emily.

Kevin Baker: Thank you, San Ramone. Scribes. You guys are amazing. We love everything that you do and thank you so much for your help. Each and every day. You're, you're in the hospital with us.

davids: Thank you.

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