Michael Gonzalez for VEGgie Video Testimonials - Nursing

February 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Gonzalez, Emergency Veterinarian

What does a shift in the life of an Emergency Veterinarian at VEG look like?

Dr. Gonzalez: Hi, my name is Dr Michael Gonzalez. I'm an Emergency Veterinarian at VEG. What does a shift in the life of an E.R. Vet look like a VEG? It is extremely rewarding. It is giving being able to confront these new challenges on a daily, whether it's a fractured toenail to a life saving procedure, watching everyone to be able to work together in this togetherness that we have at VEG, this openness and this transparency. and these life saving moments is extremely thrilling. It is extremely exciting being able to help people in their pets and essentially be a hero is what VEG is all about.

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