Lindsay Kendrick Dr EJD

February 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lindsay Kendrick, Emergency Veterinarian

What does a shift in the life of an Emergency Veterinarian at VEG look like?

Lindsay Kendrick: Hi I'm Lindsay Kendrick. I'm a Veterinarian at Veterinary Emergency Group in Boston. A typical day on shift at VEG starts with rounding with the outgoing Doctor on the inpatients and then examining those inpatients, making sure that they're set up for the day with their treatment plans. We check in with our teams and make sure that everybody is set up and has their plan and their roles for the day. We assign roles for CPR in case something does come in that needs that attention. Everybody knows what their job is and what their role is to make that go as smoothly as possible. And then we start seeing patients and we will continue seeing the flow of the floor doing procedures as they come in and taking phone calls from owners that have questions or maybe aren't sure that they need to come in. We can talk to them through that decision. At the end of the shift we'll round with the incoming doctor and make sure that they're set up for their shift and then finish our medical records if there's any to catch up on before we head out for the night.

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