3 - Jennifer Steinmetz Nurse EJD

February 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jennifer , Hospital Manager

Tell us about your journey at VEG, from Veterinary Nurse to Hospital Manager!

Jennifer : When we talk about what my growth has looked like through VEG, I can tell you that I am a true testament to what growth looks like at VEG. I have been very blessed to experience exponential growth as well as leadership within the company. I initially started as a Nurse at VEG Denver and I helped open the hospital. From there, I was promoted into a Nurse Training role where I helped onboard new VEGgies, helped train them as well as help current VEGgies gain the skills that they have learned. Shortly after that I was promoted into Assistant Hospital Manager for the Edgewater location where I helped hire train, create an amazing team as well as an amazing hospital and then was recently promoted to Hospital Manager at the Edgewater location. I can tell you that it is possible, just got to keep going and take every opportunity that is ever given to you when it arises.

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