National Administrative Professionals Day

April 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Amy Young-Blair, RVT. Maria Silva , RVT. Judy Zamora, Receptionist . Rebecca Pitocco, Shift Lead. Rico Davis, Shift Lead, Super VEGgie. Erica Gomez and VEG Houston , Vet Assistant . Katie Clark, Nurse . Amber Day, Reception . Dr. Pittillo , Doctor . Jessica Power, Nurse . Meagan, Vet tech

Rebecca Pitocco: Y'all, let me tell you about our local leadership team. It's amazing. They come to work every day full of energy and enthusiasm and just genuine care for each and every one of us and we would not be able to do what we do on the front lines without both our local leadership team all the way up to VQ. So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you will be forever appreciative for all the support and guidance and care that you give to each one of us VEGgies. Thank you. Happy National Administrative Professionals Day. Oh, that's a tongue twister.

Erica Gomez and VEG Houston : Hi, this is, Erica from VEG Houston. I wanted to give a shout out to our leadership team, Christie, Doctor Lang and Ashley. They are amazing. They have helped us the whole way for the past going on five months since we've opened. They are important to me because they're always someone that I can't vent to or just talk about anything that's going on. They are very understanding and they understand us and they're always on the floor helping out and I just want to say that I appreciate them and I love them for everything that they do for us.

Rico Davis: Oh, oh my God. The amount of leadership that I've actually been able to work with at VEG is insane. But let's just go from my current leadership, Jessica Joyce, Vanessa and Patricia. Thank you so much for the leadership position that you bestowed upon me. I love being the shift leader at the hospital and also as our um the hospital Super VEGgie, I have been able to spread so much cheer so much culture in our hospital and it is uh driving me insane. Actually, it's all that I've wanted to do. Um Thank you for guiding me during my rough times anytime I need help. Thank you for actively listening to me. Um I appreciate that full fully. Um So, yeah, like um I, I can't wait for all the, the time that we have to spend together and also our quarterly outing and you know, we going, you know, some fun. I'm just kidding. But thank you so much guys.

Judy Zamora: I want to appreciate the leadership team for bringing me on board and for all the help and patience they've had with me because they really do treat you like family. Thank you.

Maria Silva : I appreciate leadership for always advocating for us as nurses so that we can be the best that we can be.

Amy Young-Blair: Please, I appreciate the leadership team in San Ramon so much because they are the heart of our hospital and always encourage us to be the very best VEGgies we can be on.

Amy Young-Blair: For San Ramon, our management team, all of them, hospital manager, medical director all the way through. I make individual videos, but it's too much because they're too awesome. And there's too many things to say. Really. We're a new hospital still and our success and our growth is largely in part to our management team. They challenge us. They rise to their own challenges in our hospital and they learn and grow with us every day. They're here to support us and I can't ask for more in any management team. It's just amazing.

Katie Clark: To get us. Hi, I'm Katie Clark. I'm one of the nurses on the floor of VEG Charlotte. Um, my leadership here, so, Andy Kyle and, um, Dr Gray are super important to me because they are what makes everything go around and without them, we couldn't do all of this, um, and help people and pets when they need it the most. Um, and then I just love them because they all just have their own little niches that are unique to them that, um, I think they just have to bring to the table and I love that they're for the people. Um, they're for the pets and they really do try to find a way to say yes.

Jessica Power: So tell me why Dr Gray Andy and Kyle are important to you and what do you love the most about them or appreciate the most about them? Um I feel like they're super important because a whole lot goes on behind the scenes that we don't know about. Um And of course, I just appreciate each one of them in their own individual way um because they're all great and help this hospital function. Well, who, who?

Amber Day: Hi, I'm Amber. I'm a receptionist here at the Charlotte location. Um, Dr Gray Andy and Kyle, you guys are the most trustworthy and supportive group of managers I've ever had. I appreciate you guys and everything you do for us every day.

Dr. Pittillo : I am super thankful for Dr Gray Andy and Kyle. Um for one, they are very supportive as a doctor, um especially in those cases when things don't go exactly as you planned. Um They always have our back in trying to find a solution and supporting us. Um And then I'm also thankful that they spend a lot of time actually in the hospital with us because you don't always find that in management at other hospitals. Um So they actually um kind of know what we're dealing with on a daily basis and are kind of in the thick of it with us, which is actually, uh pretty rare otherwise that

Meagan: All right. So what do you appreciate the most about our leadership and why are they important to you? So, our leadership is very open minded and they are willing to listen to us and take our opinions and thoughts into consideration. Um for having a hospital manager that's from hospitality is very much so a plus. Um because he's always looking for ways to make sure that he's taking care of people and that includes us that ja but we can't tell him that and I am totally not Megan. Awesome. Anything else you'd like to add? I love working at Veg. This is the best place ever. I adore our leadership team. I think they all complement each other very well. Um But again, this is not Megan.

Erica Gomez and VEG Houston : Thank you.

Rico Davis: Thank you.

Rebecca Pitocco: Thank you.

Judy Zamora: Thank you.

Maria Silva : I thank you.

Katie Clark: Thank you.

Amy Young-Blair: Thank you.

Jessica Power: Thank you.

Dr. Pittillo : Thank you.

Amber Day: Thank you. Nervous cat.

Meagan: Thanks leadership. We love you.

Amy Young-Blair: Ok, thank you guys so much.

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