Happy Veterinary Assistant Week

February 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jen Whitten, ROD - SE. Monica Sterk, Area Medical Director. Danielle Pinion. Kenichiro Yagi. Katie Hastings, Regional Nursing Director

Danielle Pinion: Hey Gang, how's it going? Uh First off I want to say thank you to our veterinary assistants. You guys are the ones that enable us to do everything in the hospital. Um You're the ones that provide a 3D Customer experience here at VEG, not only for our patients but also for our customers that quite honestly are there during a very stressful time. Um You are the ones that allow us to be who we are which is very special in this industry as a whole. So I want to say again, thank you for being here for everything that you do. We wouldn't be able to do this without you.

Monica Sterk: Our veterinary assistants help to make sure that everyone who comes to VEG has an amazing VEG experience. They help our nurses get their jobs done. They help our doctors. They are the true backbone to our flow.

Jen Whitten: Hey, VEGgies, it's Jen Whitten Regional Operations Director for the Southeast and I just wanted to celebrate and say thank you today as we celebrate veterinary assistants week. Um, I see you guys. The work that you do is so hard, but it's so amazing. And without you, we would not be able to serve people and their pets when they need us the most. So thank you today, this week and every day for all that you do.

Bethany Weinheimer: Hey, VEGgies. It's Dr Bethany Weinheimer here. And I wanted to give a big shout out to all of our assistants here at VEG. Thank you for staying late. Thank you for running lab work. Thank you for keeping our hospital clean. Everything that you do here at VEG helps us help people and their pets when they need it most, and we couldn't pursue the VEGolution without you viva.

Katie Hastings: To all of our veterinary assistants out there, Happy veterinary assistants week. You are absolutely integral in how we operate and continue to give VEG customers the complete experience. Thank you for all you do for the patients, for the doctors, the nurses, for the customers. Thank you.

Karena Joung: Hi VEG. Happy Veterinary Assistants Week. Want to give a shout out and a big thank you to all the VEG veterinary assistants out there. Thank you for giving the compassionate care that you do to our customers. Thank you for giving the medically excellent care and comfort that you provide to our wonderful patients and thank you so much for all your heroic helping. I know that VEG couldn't do this without you. Thank you so much.

Kenichiro Yagi: Hello veterinary assistants as veterinary assistants in emergency You get to do so many cool things. E.R. Has always been the best place to learn and grow. You participate in patient care, you help the pet owner in the dire time of need. You keep the hospital running. And I also started my career as a veterinary assistant. I've also learned throughout my career from amazing veterinary assistants like yourself. So all of what you do is what allows the clinical team to focus on what we need to do as a team. So your compassion, your dedication, your enthusiasm. We couldn't do any of this without you. Thank you for all that. You do happy veterinary assistant week.

David Glattstein: Hey VEGgies, happy vet assistant week, David Glattstein here um just wanted to thank everyone on this big week and also share a quick story. So when I first joined VEG um as many of you know, I didn't come from the veterinary field to begin with um even though I knew a little bit about it, and I remember asking, David, so what's the difference between, you know what this person does and that person does and we're going to assist and specifically, and he said they're the glue in the hospital, they are essentially enabling the VEG experience and they're enabling the VEG experience because there is nothing in a vet hospital that happens without the vet assistant almost making sure that it does whether it's being with customers, giving them a hug, helping them out, whether it's cleaning the hospital, whether it's running blood, whether it's, you know, doing essentially anything to make the VEG experience and the VEG flow happen. Um I just, and since then David's first words to me have really rung true, which is, they are the glue in the hospital, they're making everything work and um I'm incredibly thankful for our vet assistants every week, every day, including this week especially um but on this week, especially appreciative for all the work that you all do. Um I've had a great chance to get to know somebody vet assistants over the years and I want to be an advocate for you um and give you the career um that you want and make sure that we enable your growth, here at VEG, so I appreciate you, love you happy Vet Assistant week thank you.

David Bessler: Hello. My beloved VEGgie veterinary assistants Happy veterinary assistants week. Thank you for allowing us you me and all our VEGgies in our hospitals to get er done every day. You've been there for me for the past 20 years of my emergency career. You make all our patients comfortable. You enable all three dimensions of customer experience by always being there and tending to our customers. Thank you for always being able and willing to run diagnostics and take care of our hospital patients and our customers also thank you for loving learning and wanting to grow to help us fight the VEGolution. Happy Veterinary assistants week.

Danielle Pinion: Happy Veterinary Assistant Week.

Jen Whitten: Happy Veterinary Assistant Week.

Monica Sterk: Happy Happy Veterinary Assistant Week Thank you so much for all you do.

Kenichiro Yagi: Happy Veterinary Assistant Week.

Katie Hastings: Happy Veterinary Assistants Week.

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