February Workplace Challenge - Week 1

February 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Roe Castellano: Hey VEGgies happy February. We're back with yet another workplace challenge. This month, we're focusing on the three dimensions of the customer experience. But this week we're focusing on the first dimension which is comfort and what is comfort it comes in all shapes and sizes. But essentially we want to make sure that our customers feel welcomed and cared for from the minute that they walk in the door. Hi Roe, welcome to VQ. Would you like some coffee or water? I would love some water. Great. So now we challenge you to make a post showing us how you deliver comfort. The first dimension of customer experience, get it on workplace, get people to comment on your post because the post with the most comments will win a prize.

Show us how you deliver the first dimension of the customer experience, comfort.

The original post with the most comments wins a prize.

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