A Message For Our Veterans

November 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Daniel Scrivener, Veterinary Nurse Trainer. Towanda Beck, Talent Manager. Stephanie Ramos, Talent Manager - West Region. Brigid Sawyer, Project Manager, Talent Central Enablement. Jeff Ullmer. Shawna Gallagher, Hospital Manager. David Glattstein, President

Daniel Scrivener: Hello, ma fellow Veteran VEGgies. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice. Uh, throughout the time that you spent in the military, each and every one of you are so precious and so glad to be a part of an organization that recognizes everybody that did serve and, uh, hope you all have a great day and love you guys.

Towanda Beck: A special thanks to all of our clients and family members who are veterans. We really appreciate your service at Veterinary Emergency Group and we hope that in return, we can be there to help you and your pets when you need it most.

Stephanie Ramos: I want to say thank you to all of the Veterans for their service and sacrifice. Words aren't enough to express the gratitude I hold in my heart for our Veterans. I come from a long line of military, you know, great grandfather, grandfather, but my father who served 23 years in the Marine Corps and having fought in Vietnam, he will always be my number one hero. I also want to thank my husband who is an Army Veteran. You know, it speaks volumes when you have people who are willing to make a sacrifice sometimes and the ultimate sacrifice and not being able to return home to their families, missing holidays, just being away from their loved ones and making the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Um And I just, you know, from the bottom of my heart, wanna say thank you to everyone who has served and anyone who is currently serving, please be safe. Um And again, thank you so much for all of your sacrifices.

Brigid Sawyer: To all the men and women who have served and continue to serve. I'm so grateful for your, bury your sacrifices and your commitment to protecting our freedom and to our veggies. Our family members and our friends who have served and are currently serving. I hope you're seeing lots of happy Veterans day messages. But I personally want to thank you for serving our country with honor.

Jeff Ullmer: Hi, I'm Jeff Ulmer, director of practical medical Training at VEG and a member of the Army Veterinary Corps. Just wanna say thank you to all those veggies who have served and maybe continuing to serve our country and to any veggie who's a family member of a veteran. Thank you for your love and support while your veteran served Happy Veterans Day.

Shawna Gallagher: Hi, I'm Shawna Gallagher and I'm the Hospital Manager for our VEG location in Falls Church, Virginia. Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow veterans and to all of our service members still currently serving in the United States Armed forces. A personal shout out to doctor Michael White, who is our Medical Director here at Falls Church who is still currently serving and to doctor Kate Foley, who is an Emergency Doctor here at our location, who is a Veteran just like me.

David Glattstein: Hey VEGgies. Happy Veterans Day at VEG we are blessed with many Veterans, Veterans who have heroically helped Veterans who allow for the freedoms that we enjoy today. We really are the land of the free because of the brave, especially the badge. We will always owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women, a badge who served for the United States and gave service to our great country. I always found our Veterans to be humble and sober about their experiences. Our Veterans of VEG are not the type to show off. They're the type of quality do amazing work that not only served our country but serve VEG as well. While words won't suffice, do know that I'm incredibly thankful and proud of so many of our Veterans. I know the experiences of the military weren't always easy, but please know they appreciate you today and every day. Happy Veterans Day, love you all appreciate you.

Dr. Mike White

Medical Director/Army

Dr. Amanda Jeffries

Emergency Doctor/Army

Darron Smith

Hospital Manager/Army

Shawna Gallagher

Hospital Manager/Army

Luciano Gallegos

Hospital Manager/Navy

Erica Veal

Veterinary Nurse/Army

Andrew Carlson

Hospital Manager/USMC

Summer Badamo

Lead Receptionist/Army

Justin Fox

Market Owner/Army

Alexandria Flygare

IT Field Support Specialist/Army

Christopher Nieves

Veterinary Assistant/Army

Dr. Emily Rabener

Emergency Doctor/Army

Jeramiah Rice

Veterinary Assistant

Haley Tegland

Veterinary Assistant/Navy

Jonathon Medina

Veterinary Assistant/Air Force

Julie Haefner

Veterinary Assistant/Army

Jose Mendoza

Veterinary Assistant/USMC

Dr. Kate Foley

Emergency Doctor/Army

Kristina Crabtree

Nursing Manager/Army

Latia Bradley

Veterinary Nurse/USMC

Laura Hernandez

Veterinary Assistant

Meredith Johnson

Veterinary Assistant/Army

Terry Corley

Inventory Coordinator/Air Force

Tia Greenberg

Professor of Exotics Edu/Army

Jeff Ullmer

Director, Practical Medical Training/Army

Valeria Green

Veterinary Assistant/Army

Vanessa Miranda

Veterinary Assistant/Army

Dan Scrivener

Nursing Trainer/Navy

Betsade Antunez

Veterinary Assistant/Army

Esteban Campos

Lead Network Engineer/Army

Clinton Tabor

Veterinary Assistant/Navy

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