Vesela's Experience with Boho Beautiful's Free Offerings

February 28, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Vesela, Free Offerings Participant

Based your experience with “The Journey of a Cosmic Soul”, will you be signing up for other free programs from Boho Beautiful?

Vesela: Yeah, I sure will. And you know, it was through your free content that I discovered you in the first place. It was already uh maybe seven years ago, 6 to 7 years ago when I first found your youtube classes. and I started following you and, you know, just picking um some classes that I was um do at home. And then it was just amazing seeing you grow and evolve and conquer the world and in your dreams of making you know, bo beautiful every time, you know, better with all your programs that you released. So I was super excited when you released the platform with all your videos and the app. for me, it was a game changer really because, you know, it's through the app and the calendar that I um really manage better to keep myself on track and stick to my daily routine. And then, you know, your programs have been just such an inspiring, not only for me but also for the ones I love. So it's not only that I purchased some of the, you know, Boho Beautiful premium programs, but it's always the first, you know, one of the first thoughts um for me, when I consider a present, for example, for a friend or, you know, for my sister, as I mentioned, she's also a big fan. So, I've given her a couple of your programs as well and you know, we're sticking also to your advice when it comes to food and all of that. So, yeah, I would say maybe any free content you've ever had out there. I've been through it. and um I will definitely be following you for, for more free stuff in addition to, you know, my, my membership already. And I just want to really, really thank you for everything that you do, you know, just for um how much thought and, and passion and just heart. You put into everything you do as part of bou beautiful. And yeah, I, you know, I'm just staying tuned for, for more. Thank you.

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