Why Did You Choose Verito?

July 24, 2022

Clients share their reason for selecting Verito over others.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Greenleaf, President , Greenleaf Associates

Why did you choose Verito?

Mark Pricco: We needed a replacement because drake hosted no longer was gonna be offering that product. So I looked on facebook posts, um asked other tax professionals and Verito came strongly recommended, called their sales team. And, they won me over. I gave them a try and been happy ever since.

Hannah Stricker: Hello, My name is Hannah Striker and I own a company called Bookkeeping Solutions. And the whole reason we went with Verito was they have amazing customer service and their cloud is unbelievably stable. I have used countless cloud servers in the past and of all of the cloud servers that I've ever used, Verito has been the best. they're stable. The customer service and tech support is amazing. They respond pretty much immediately and those are things that are crucial to my accounting firm and I truly truly appreciate that everything Burrito was able to do for me.

Maureen Sittig: Hi, I'm Maureen Sittig with Soco Business Solutions incorporated. We are a full service bookkeeping, payroll processing accounts receivable and accounts payable firm. I have a team of seven, I have over 100 clients. Why did I choose Verito? Well my story is I have been on a cloud or cloud accounting since 2006. I had used four cloud providers previously. My last one prior to converting to Verito experienced a ransomware hack on september 1st 2017 over Labor Day weekend for one week. My clients and myself and my team had no access to any of our files. We did not know what was going on. We were not informed what happened, what happened? I lost business because of it because the cloud was not the cloud company was not forthcoming on what happened, how they resolved it and what they were doing going forward at that time after the files were reinstalled and some data was lost. So that data had to be re input. I went with that their parent company who portrayed themselves as experts in this field but only service the legal field and they were venturing out into the accounting field. So I signed a contract with them. I thought well if they're doing legal they should be very secure at this point in time. I was more more interested in the security aspect than anything. 90 days later I finally get a server built after having to threaten legal action as well as beginning to email from the top to the bottom And starting with the Ceo? I went online did research found the Ceo and just started emailing one after the other. About a year after that I read where the Ceo was let go from that company. So after the server was built I was doing nothing but playing field service engineer. I was having to go out assist my clients with signing into the cloud. Any customer service issue. Any issue at all had to be funneled through me. The cloud would not accept Phone calls from my client. So it was a nightmare. I had 40 plus clients on the cloud. So I was doing nothing but customer service work and field service engineering work, which I am not an IT person. So I started shopping for cloud providers. So that's where I came across. Verito. Number one, I was able to get somebody on the phone I talked to Tom numerous times, I compared I shopped, I had a comparison chart. I compared customer service. I compared price and I compared how long they had been in the industry where the servers were located, how fast the servers were and how fast could they get me up and running and what the transition would look like

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