Tim Reed for Verito Technologies Video Testimonials

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tim Reed, Owner/Manager, TaxMedics LLC

Why did you choose Verito?

Tim Reed: Why did I choose Verito? We've had all kinds of problems with IT. And other problems for quite a while. And I was recommended to Verito to overcome what we were doing, by drake and by some reviews. So we decided their price was reasonable and Tom their salesperson was very articulate so we decided to try to give them a try.

How was your transition to Verito?

Tim Reed: Our transition to Verito was smoother than we expected it to be. Their support staff, back then, and every time we've called them to do upgrades, improvements have been above average and extremely smooth and quick. It was a great transition.

How are you enjoying the service so far?

Tim Reed: How are we enjoying the service? It's unbelievable. We've dealt with and had all kinds of issues and found the service people, the support people to be above average. I mean, way above average to us when we call them with a question or send in a ticket. Unbelievably. I've sent in tickets to do a annual upgrades to a piece of software. And before I even have time to go to another project, I get an answer back. I called the office manager and tell her it's ready to go. And she says unbelievable. And it has been! We're more than happy and we really enjoy the efficiency and all the things that come with it.

How has your daily routine changed since moving to the cloud?

Tim Reed: How has our daily routine changed since we moved to Verito cloud? Unbelievable peace of mind! A third the cost of our local IT. And 10 times the response rate for any things that we need. Very quick. Very efficient. It's made our job. It saved oodles of hours. But more importantly, the frustration that our current IT Problems were causing us. I wish there was more that Verito did because their people and their service is phenomenal.

What would you tell someone who's thinking about switching?

Tim Reed: Well what would you tell someone who's thinking about switching? Do it now! We drug it out. We didn't do it. We paid IT. To us there hasn't been a better decision we made in the last five years. Not just economicall. Again I repeat over and over the peace of mind of knowing that you can call them and and it gets fixed. It's just a phenomenal. So don't be afraid to do it. I recommend them to anybody. We're in the accounting we are supervised by the I. R. S. All kinds of rules. And they have taken that whole load off of my shoulders. It was a great decision. I'd give them a try. I'd recommend anybody give them a try.

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