Maureen Sittig for Verito Technologies Video Testimonials

July 11, 2022

Maureen Sittig of Soco Business Solutions describes why she chose verito cloud over others

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maureen Sittig, Owner, SoCo Business Solutions

Why did you choose Verito?

Maureen Sittig: Hi, I'm Maureen Sittig with Soco Business Solutions incorporated. We are a full service bookkeeping, payroll processing accounts receivable and accounts payable firm. I have a team of seven. I have over 100 clients. Why did I choose Verito? Well my story is I have been on the cloud or cloud accounting since 2006. I had used four cloud providers previously. My last one prior to converting to Verito experienced a ransomware hack on september 1st 2017 over Labor Day weekend. For one week my clients and myself and my team had no access to any of our files. We did not know what was going on. We were not informed what happened. I lost business because of it because the cloud company was not forthcoming on what happened, how they resolved it and what they were doing going forward. At that time after the files were reinstalled and some data was lost. So that data had to be re-input. I went to that their parent company who portrayed themselves as experts in this field, but only service the legal field and they were venturing out into the accounting field. So I signed a contract with them. I thought well if they're doing legal they should be very secure. At this point in time. I was more interested in the security aspect than anything. 90 days later I finally get a server built after having to threaten legal action as well as beginning to email from the top to the bottom. And starting with the CEO. I went online did research found the CEO and just started emailing one after the other. About a year after that I read where the CEO was let go from that company. So after the server was built I was doing nothing but playing field service engineer. I was having to go out assist my clients with signing into the cloud. Any customer service issue, any issue at all had to be funneled through me. The cloud would not accept phone calls from my clients. So it was a nightmare. I had 40 plus clients on the cloud. So I was doing nothing but customer service work and field service engineering work, which I am not an IT person. So I started shopping for cloud providers. So that's where I came across Verito. Number one, I was able to get somebody on the phone. I talked to Tom numerous times. I compared I was shocked. I had a comparison chart. I compared customer service. I compared price and I compared how long they had been in the industry. Where the servers were located, how fast the servers were and how fast could they get me up and running and what the transition would look like.

How was your transition to Verito?

Maureen Sittig: How was my transition to Verito? My transition to Verito was absolutely amazing. It took only two hours for their team to pull all my files, all my information onto the server. And they had this server already built. I think they built that probably in a couple of hours, one day prior to the scheduled transition. And I felt like it was a little clandestine operation because we did it at night. They just went in and copied all the data and the next morning, I was up and running. It was extremely fast, extremely smooth. I still laugh when Tom and his team got into the server and saw the architectural structure of that server. The comment used was "That was some kind of stupid" and to this day, inside my firm we use that term. It was some kind of stupid! So Tom was very instrumental in leading the team getting it transitioned. The transition was really seamless. The access to the server, the next morning we wake up and go to work and the files were there and ready to go

How are you enjoying the service so far?

Maureen Sittig: How am I enjoying the service so far? I love it, my team enjoys it. My clients enjoy it. My client CPA's enjoy it. Customer service is excellent. The Verito staff is fast, knowledgeable. I can email them a request, I get a response immediately, and within 30 minutes or an hour the issue is resolved. 9 times out of 10 the issue is an intuit issue, not a Verito issue. We get on the server a lot of times we use their server to access even quickbooks online account because their server is so fast and it is so secure, it's more secure than a local internet. I feel confident in using their service while I'm on the road because I know it's secure and I know it's fast. Their customer service is 24/7. It's wonderful. They follow through, they monitor the servers. If there's ever an issue, they call me. I have been called many a time, by Tom saying hey you're running out of RAM, is it okay to load more RAM into the server? Absolutely go for it. Just keep it running is all I ask. They do a fabulous job

How has your daily routine changed since moving to the cloud?

Maureen Sittig: How has my daily routine changed since moving to the cloud? Well, previously on older clouds, all we could do. And this was on a good day was access a quickbooks file, but now we cannot only access a Quickbooks file. We can access all our peripheral applications associated with that file. So it's all in one place. So our daily routine is enhanced. Our workflow is more efficient because everything is right there in the cloud. The cloud is integrated into our document storage and the document storage talks to the cloud, the cloud talks to it, etc. So it improves the efficiency. We're able to service our clients faster and we see no slowdown of the data transfer, which we absolutely love. I have some pretty good size construction clients that have multiple applications and Verito was instrumental in installing those applications as well as helping the client directly get those applications working and talking to one another. So the daily routine, it's become more efficient and we can do more in less time.

What would you tell someone who's thinking about switching?

Maureen Sittig: What would I tell someone who's thinking about switching? I would tell them. Number one do a comparison, compare the customer service, compare the speed, compare the price and you will come back to Verito. I've been on the Verito cloud since 2018. It has been a wonderful experience. I cannot say enough good things about the Verito and Verito's employees. They're responsive. The customer service is great and the server works. The product works. It does what they tell you it will do. The speed is there, the customer service is there and the price point is very good because when I switched I had done a lot of comparison and actually Verito, I shouldn't say this, don't raise my price, but they saved me quite a bit of money when I switched to them. So I would tell somebody, Hey shop, shop around, but you're gonna come back to Verito.

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