Hannah Stricker for Verito Technologies Video Testimonials

July 05, 2022

Hannah Stricker Recommends Verito for the stability and great customer service she has received.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hannah Stricker, Owner, Bookkeeping Solutions

Why did you choose Verito?

Hannah Stricker: Hello, My name is Hannah Stricker and I own a company called Bookkeeping Solutions. And the whole reason we went with Verito was they have amazing customer service and their cloud is unbelievably stable. I have used countless cloud servers in the past and of all of the cloud servers that I've ever used, Verito has been the best. Uh, they're stable. The customer service and tech support is amazing. They respond pretty much immediately and those are things that are crucial to my accounting firm and I truly truly appreciate that everything Verito was able to do for me.

How was your transition to Verito?

Hannah Stricker: The transition to Verito was actually very smooth. They moved the bulk of the files. We have a couple very industry specific programs that we had to move, but they assisted they they assisted us right along the way. They worked side by side with me to get the files backed up and moved and re uploaded into those programs. So they made the transition from my prior cloud service to Verito as seamless as possible.

How are you enjoying the service so far?

Hannah Stricker: So far, Verito has been amazing, we've been with them for a few years now and I couldn't ask for a better cloud server.

How has your daily routine changed since moving to the cloud?

Hannah Stricker: on a day to day basis, Verito has given us so much flexibility. Being cloud based, it means, and all of the employees can work from anywhere, which is a huge advantage for us, um and with the stability of the server and any questions that we have for tech support being answered immediately, uh It has just given us a peace of mind knowing that everything is being backed up and taken care of, uh and the cloud is very stable and it's also be given us a lot of flexibility, which we have greatly taken advantage of. We're able to work from home, were able to work from anywhere that we have an Internet connection and it has given us a lot of freedom.

What would you tell someone who's thinking about switching?

Hannah Stricker: To anyone who is considering switching to the Verito cloud server, I would hands down, say, do it. It is probably the best move that I have made in my business is to take it into the Verito Server.

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