Theresa - Big Fan of The Winning Trader Series

January 04, 2023

Customer Theresa shares in a short video her experience before and after The Winning Trader Series by Gareth Soloway

Video Transcript

Speaker: Theresa

What was your biggest trading challenge BEFORE the Winning Trader Series?

Theresa: What I like best about The Winning Trader Series by Gareth Soloway is that it gives me a strong jump start in my trading career. The information that Gareth outlines in the courses helps me kind of jump past a lot of the learning curve where you have to do trial and error and figure it out on your own and that's really costly. So I get to benefit from what he says in his videos. He's had, I think over 20 years of profitable trading experience and he shares what those common trading traps are, where he's lost money and why and so that I can learn from that and grow and kind of let my starting point be much further along than if I was doing this on my own.

How has/is Gareth and The Winning Trader Series helped solve your trading/investing challenges?

Theresa: Before taking the winning trader series, my biggest challenge uh in trading is that, well, first of all, I I was a complete beginner when I started the course, but there was obstacles that kept me from getting into trading, and the main one for me was no knowing how to identify what is a profitable trade, What should I get into, when should I get into it, when should I get out so that I don't lose my profits? And so that was kind of a mental barrier for me that kept me from getting into trading, and this course is really helping with that.

What do you like best about The Winning Trader Series by Gareth Soloway?

Theresa: So Garrett Soloway and the winning trader series has really helped with the challenges that kind of the mental obstacles that I have going into trading that even kept me from getting started in a trading career. Um now that I've taken the courses, I feel confident that I know where the common pitfalls are. I know the trading traps that maybe other retail investors and traders aren't aware of. I feel like I have a trading expert right here at my side, coaching me and mentoring me, but he really taught me how to think the way he thinks in terms of trading, so that he's just not telling me what trades to get into. He's teaching me how to figure that out for myself so that I can really take this for the rest of my life and make profitable trading decisions. And to me that is the most exciting and most rewarding piece of the winning trader series.

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