Patient Testimonial | Chad

May 02, 2023

"So they helped me save $1,000!"

Video Transcript

Speakers: Chad

Why did you choose Veranda Dentistry?

Chad: I chose Veranda Dentistry because they're offering a free second opinion in the mail, and I just got back from a dentist appointment that wanted to charge me $1,000 out-of-pocket to do a bunch of work on my teeth.

How did Veranda Dentistry help you?

Chad: Veranda Dentistry helped me with that free second opinion that they offered in the mail, after my $1,000 work that needed to be done from my other dentist. And Veranda Dentistry said I didn't need any work done. So they helped me save $1,000.

Why would you recommend Veranda Dentistry to your friends and family?

Chad: I would recommend Veranda Dentistry to my family and friends if they have a primary dentist right now, that is wanting to do a lot of work on their teeth. Go get that free second opinion from Veranda Dentistry and see if you need all that work done.

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