October 30, 2023

Kristi Wright shares some praise for Venus Jones and her creative process.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristi Wright

Introduce yourself, and share how you met the artivist, Venus Jones, and which poetic project, poem, or words had the most impact on you.

Kristi Wright: Hi, my name is Kristi Wright and Venus Jones and I met at the Society for a Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, conference. I at time was an, Assistant Regional Advisor for the San Francisco Bay Area chapter and I have been a huge admirer of Venus, uh, for many years and recently I got to see her, premiere of Lil Red is Riding the Wrong Way in the Hood, an animated short film, that she directed and wrote and produced and did the whole, audio, voice acting for and I'm just blown away by the brilliance behind it. It's a beautiful short that has both a tough subject but also has humor and has, you know, kind of lively animation and, clever, words and, anyway, it meant a lot for me to be able to see it come to life. I've been watching it, go from an idea to a written form to now the animation. So, thank you very much Venus for everything that you do, to make a difference in the world and, I hope everybody gets to see. Little Red is Riding the wrong way in the Hood soon.

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