The Velocity Experience - Tommy Jones from Verizon

February 07, 2024

Tommy Jones is the Head of Military & Diversity Talent Acquisition for Verizon, and a long-time partner of Velocity Resource Group. Learn what Tommy has to say about The Velocity Experience!

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tommy Jones, Head of Military and Diversity Recruiting, Verizon

What challenges were you facing that Velocity helped you overcome?

Tommy Jones: One of the challenges Velocity has helped us with is, over the course of the last seven or eight years, we've had peaks of requisitions being dropped on our team, where the recruiter req load was extremely high. In these cases, we reached out to Velocity and they were able to quickly jump in - understand exactly what we're looking for, go out and find that talent and then really help us, minimize our time-to-fill which ultimately helped us increase revenue for the organization (Verizon).

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