Velocity's got the Holiday Spirit in Tampa

December 15, 2022

#TeamVRG has been busy finding the most qualified, available, and interested candidates for our clients. But we always make time to celebrate - this time with a festive twist! ?

Video Transcript

Steven Lampos: Hi, I am Stephen Lampos. I am a recruiter here at Velocity Resource Group and thought to give you guys an inside scoop of what we do here around the holidays. So Velocity is all about culture, but in a competitive way. So for the holidays here we have created some light bulb ornaments, row by row. So every time a recruiter gets an interested candidate we are writing down the recruiter name and the candidate name, making a light bulb ornament and then hanging them up here. So again, just keeping it very festive but competitive. So if we walk down this way you can see every single row has quite a few candidates up here, some more than others. But again, it just keeps it really fun and shows us the many reasons why we work here. So happy holidays!

Kyle Casey: Hey, I'm Kyle Casey! I'm here at Velocity Resource Group and just showing you guys a little bit of the festive activities that we do around the office during this time of year to make things a little bit more fun. One of the things that we do is any time that one of us gets a hire reported from one of our clients, we get to decorate an ornament and write our name and the candidate's name on the ornament and then kind of put it on our nice tree here and help celebrate some of the successes that we get with the candidates that we speak with. [off camera]: how about the pictures? The pictures. Great question. That is one of our activities that we do for our advent calendar that we have. Each day of the week we have a different activity that we do. So this is one of the activities that was done for us. We get to color and decorate a Christmas image, if you will, and add it to the decorations here with the tree and make the office a little bit more decorative and festive and a little bit more fun to celebrate throughout the season! All right, thank you

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