Nicholas Fortino, Client Coordinator

August 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Nicholas Fortino: There are two main reasons why I love working at Velocity. The first one would be on a professional side. They invest so much money and time into their employees, whether it's weekly trainings or social activities such as holiday parties or SportsFest. And then, on the other side it would be the personal reasons. Here at Velocity, though were growing rapidly, it still has that family feeling and every single individual who walks through those doors and becomes part of Velocity helped create that environment. And we've fostered so many great relationships and friendships through this company. It really shows that the organization cares about us, both professionally and personally. And then one last thing just specifically, is the benefits that are offered here at Velocity. I've had a medical condition since I was young and something that I'll live with for a long time and the benefits have been top notch. I've never had any issues and it's addressed many of the costs associated with that. It truly is a tremendous place to work, whether it be your first job out of school or where you're looking to finish your career. I highly recommend Velocity.

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