Rocky Ziadat, Director of Talent Intelligence

August 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Rocky Ziadat: If you ask me why I like working at Velocity, I would say, number one for me is the rewarding work that we do. The types of positions that we're filling, you know, from doctors, nurses, engineers, all that, you know, very prominent companies throughout the world. It's rewarding, it's a great feeling and something that I love to do. I also love the family environment that we have. Everyone works collaboratively, Everyone works collaboratively, it's a lot of teamwork that we do as an organization and I think we're just getting started and have a lot more in front of us here. So, I'm excited about that, not only for myself, but for my colleagues and anyone else that comes on board.

Rocky Ziadat: I've been with Velocity for seven years now and over that time had the opportunity to grow quite a bit professionally in my career, which I'm forever grateful for.

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