22 Unbeatable Reasons To Partner with Velocity - #13

July 24, 2023

oin us as we unveil '22 Unbeatable Reasons to Partner with Velocity' - a captivating series showcasing our exceptional team, remarkable clients, and outstanding candidates we've collaborated with!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cynthia Lampos, Client Manager

Cynthia Lampos: Hi, my name is Cynthia. I'm a client manager here at Velocity. One reason to partner with us would definitely be our time saving processes that truly make the client experience seamless. Our Velocity team will post the position, actively source the web for qualified candidates, engage in outreach, prescreening and determining the quality of candidates. We do all of that heavy lifting for you. Velocity's client save time by not having to conduct those numerous outreach attempts to candidates without knowing if they would even be interested. We gather all of that candidate feedback and then provide you all of the data that we obtain. Interested, not interested, qualified or unqualified. That way you can spend your time reaching out to those that are interested, are qualified and that in turn tremendously speeds up your hiring process.

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