22 Reasons to Partner with Velocity - #7

July 18, 2023

Join us as we unveil '22 Unbeatable Reasons to Partner with Velocity' - a captivating series showcasing our exceptional team, remarkable clients, and outstanding candidates we've collaborated with!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aleshia Ritter, Client Director

Aleshia Ritter: Hi, my name is Aleshia and I'm a client director here at Velocity. I'm here to talk to you today about how we can help increase your employer branding. By aligning with Velocity you gain access to a wealth of experience as well as tailored strategies that are specifically designed to elevate your employer branding above the noise. We know that establishing and nurturing a compelling employer brand takes a meticulous approach which we have dedicated time and effort to developing and mastering in our 22 years of experience. We also know that you invested a good amount of time in establishing your employer brand, which is why when you partner with Velocity, we take the time to understand your culture, company, industry and local markets ensuring that the employer branding is falling in front of the right candidates. Through our strategic marketing campaigns, we engage with the talent you desire, ensuring that your organization's value proposition is communicated effectively. We don't rely on chance or luck. Instead, we take a targeted approach, ensuring that your candidates that you want to see are hearing, seeing and being presented your opportunities. We also tailor our outreach to the needs and preferences of every single candidate ensuring that we are attracting them and driving them to your organization. The market is highly competitive and it's becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, in real time Velocity is able to help increase your brand awareness and employer branding in your local markets. By partnering with us, you can ensure that your employer branding and job opportunities are reaching the right audience and you're increasing your chance of finding the perfect fit for your organization.

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