22 Unbeatable Reasons to Partner with Velocity - #2

July 11, 2023

Join us as we unveil '22 Unbeatable Reasons to Partner with Velocity' - a captivating series showcasing our exceptional team, remarkable clients, and outstanding candidates we've collaborated with!

Video Transcript

Steven Lampos: Hi, my name is Steven Lampos. I'm a senior recruiter here at Velocity Resource Group and there are many reasons to partner with Velocity. But today, it's gonna be about the valuable market research and talent analytics that Velocity can provide you. Not only do we provide you a pipeline of candidates, but we also dive into the talent landscape and really see what candidates are talking about and what they're looking for in their next move. And this can be around compensation, maybe the location, the structure of the role that they're seeking or maybe the level or the role itself is not resonating with them. And we're able to give you this information and talent leaders that are recruiting on these roles are really able to start having progressive internal conversations around this feedback, really make changes around their positions and watch a role go from challenge to success and Velocity is able to be the strategic partner to guide you through that along the way. So, if you have a role that might be struggling, Velocity is really able to put on their FBI market research hat dive into the talent market pool and find out why.

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