22 Unbeatable Reasons to Partner - #19

July 31, 2023

Join us as we unveil '22 Unbeatable Reasons to Partner with Velocity' - a captivating series showcasing our exceptional team, remarkable clients, and outstanding candidates we've collaborated with!

Video Transcript

Brittany Rice: Hi, I'm Britney Recruitment Director here at Velocity Resource Group. My colleagues have explained why you should partner with Velocity. And today I bring you Reason 19 - Transparency. It's not just a desirable quality in client relationships. It's a fundamental aspect that underpins successful and mutually beneficial partnerships. It involves sharing information, progress, challenges, and decisions in a clear and straightforward manner. Through open and honest communication, we create a positive and trusting environment leading to better outcomes. As a client, you have full access to our system. We offer the Velocity snapshot which provides an in-depth glimpse into the activities our team undertakes to engage with the widest possible pool of candidates in the marketplace. This feature in Resflex, our candidate management portal offers real-time insights into our outreach strategies, the specific methods, the success rate of our contact efforts and the advancement of candidates through our process. Essentially, it epitomizes our commitment to transparency at its finest. So why partner with Velocity? Not only are we transparent through the process with our clients, but by being transparent with candidates, it ensures they are aligned for positions with their skills and expectations, reducing the chances of mismatched hires and subsequent turnover. We establish a positive and respectful recruitment process that benefits both the candidates and the organization.

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