Pediatric & Adolescent Associates: VaxCare Partner Testimonial

May 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Martina Denny, Practice Administrator

What changes have you noticed in your practice since joining VaxCare?

Martina Denny: Since joining VaxCare, we no longer have issues with our inventory. Our cash flow has improved significantly, and we no longer spend a ton of time reviewing brand protecting vaccine contracts.

How does VaxCare make you more confident as an Administrator?

Martina Denny: As a practice administrator, VaxCare offers me the assurance that will never run out of a vaccine because they monitor our inventory. They also offered us an improved eligibility verification system, which ensures that will not only be paid for the vaccine administration, but also all the office work associated with the encounter.

Why would you recommend practices abandon the old way of buying/managing/billing for vaccines?

Martina Denny: I would recommend VaxCare to any practice BIG or small because it improves efficiency. It also frees up time for your supervisors and managers to work on other tasks, and overall improves cash flow significantly.

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