Kathy parisi for VaxCare Partner Testimonial

May 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kathy Parisi, Office Manager, Mckinney Adult Medicine

Describe how simple VaxCare is to learn and use

Kathy Parisi: VaxCare is simple to use. You just order your vaccine in your EHR Scan a vile and print out a consent form and you're ready to go. It's been amazing to provide vaccines We otherwise weren't able to as a small practice, and we've collected LOST REVENUE. We didn't know we were missing.

Describe how VaxCare has made you and/or your team more efficient

Kathy Parisi: The efficiency of VaxCare is great. We have EHRs that are up to date with vaccines for patients because you know how it is, patients don't always know when their last vaccine was. Now we have up to date records with the ease of VaxCare.

Describe how you'd feel If your practice returned to the old way of processing vaccines

Kathy Parisi: Every year we handled our flu shot vaccines But with VaxCare it is so much easier it is complete everything's in the EHR You're tracking your vaccines every single one, so you're not missing any. And it's great to be able to provide our patients with more vaccines and MORE CHOICE.

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