Scott Family Physicians: VaxCare Partner Testimonial

May 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Darrin D. Menard, MD, Owner, Scott Family Physicians

How does VaxCare make you more confident as an owner?

Darrin D. Menard, MD: VaxCare has absolutely made us much more confident in the way that we handle our business on the vaccine side. I know from a personal perspective from our business that I'm not going to lose money on vaccines, even though our practice really tried hard to maintain The costs on our on our vaccines, I knew by the end of the year we were always losing dollars on vaccinations. and so now I don't have this big overhead in my office anymore. And I also know and confidently know that these vaccines are getting paid for.

What changes have you noticed in your practice since joining VaxCare?

Darrin D. Menard, MD: So it's it's definitely a big time saver for our staff. We've also noticed from a personal perspective and an independent primary care practice It would cost quite a bit of money just to be able to have a decent size of vaccines on our shelf. And it became to a point where it just really cash strapped a lot of our practices, my practice in general. And so we really didn't vaccinate people as much as we wanted to in the past

Why would you recommend practices abandon the old way of buying/managing/billing for vaccines?

Darrin D. Menard, MD: My viewpoint is absolutely turned around. I'm so excited about the fact that VaxCare has helped so many practices to be able to accomplish vaccination of our patients in a very timely way, but also without getting hurt on the billing side tremendous change for our practice. And I think it's it's the way that we should be thinking about doing our vaccinations.

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