CHS - East Georgia: VaxCare Partner Testimonial

May 25, 2022

Video Transcript

What changes have noticed in your practice since joining VaxCare?

Mandy Fowler, Melanie Shranko: Time efficiency, Time efficiency. Definitely. Now we can manage different problems. I don't want to say less problems, different problems. We can put our focus where it really truly should be and not have to worry about the vaccines. That has been a huge help. I cannot say enough just about the inventory itself and knowing that you can always capture the charges and and what you have to do easily. And getting the check back from VaxCare because we get reimbursed every month for the administration has been has gone excellent. I see that check come through every month right on time. There's been no billing issues on that end.

How does VaxCare make you more confident as a Manager?

The inventory in itself is just so much easier. And the reimbursement, just not having to worry about that. That used to take us weeks and days and days of making sure that we've got the right reimbursement so that our doctors who are privately owned weren't out thousands of dollars and we don't have to worry about that anymore. That's been huge changer. Yes.

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