Preeti Chockalingam for Vantiva Video Testimonials

March 12, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Preeti Chockalingam, Senior Legal Counsel

What is your name, where are you from, and what is your current position at Vantiva?

Preeti Chockalingam: Hello, I'm Preeti Chockalingam I work out of Chennai and I am the senior legal counsel. I am responsible for the contract review, drafting and negotiation of all direct and indirect procurement and sales contracts. I also provide legal support for any operational requirements in India.

Why/how did you choose your current career path?

Preeti Chockalingam: Well, I'm a first generation lawyer and was introduced to law as a career by my parents and further encouraged by my teachers post pursuing a combined law and business administration program in India, I worked in a few consulting and in house roles and then chose to pursue my master's in business law. I chose the in-house role at Vantiva, given our global presence and the potential knowledge and exposure to various business and legal environments that comes with being in our entity.

How have your colleagues and teammates supported you in your role?

Preeti Chockalingam: Well, in order to provide strong legal support, it is important that I understand the products and services and the various risks associated with it. Since Vantiva is my first stint with the telecommunications company and more so in the software and hardware technology industry, my colleagues and stakeholders alike have been very patient and thorough when walking me through the products and services that our company provides during my initial days. As my scope expands to this day, I still seek them out when there are any upgrades or when the scope changes so that I understand the risks associated. And I'm able to provide them with quick solutions wherever required.

How does the company support work-life balance?

Preeti Chockalingam: The people. Partners in India organize various initiatives periodically be it the wellness initiatives that each target various demographics to ensure that the company fosters a supportive and inclusive work environment or be it culture such as a recent pongal event or even fun events, for example, are annual day, there is something for each employee. Another example would be the team building with the APAC legal team. We are spread across India, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and when the team visited India last year, I had fun introducing them to Indian culture and we also visited a few spots even between our tight schedules and deadlines.

How has Vantiva supported you during challenging times or personal situations?

Preeti Chockalingam: My manager Ivy, some key stakeholders and people partners are my strongest support system at Vantiva Ivy checks in with me every week. and she encourages me to view the bigger picture at work and also guides me on challenging tasks in navigating the industry. When I recently required to take some time off to support my family. She checked in with me and ensured that I felt supported. Likewise, some stakeholders without question or hesitation have helped prioritize and streamline the request so that business is never impacted. I could not ask for a better support system.

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