Lyse LETEURTOIS for Vantiva Video Testimonials

November 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lyse LETEURTOIS

Could you please introduce yourself by stating your name and your role at Vantiva?

Lyse LETEURTOIS: Hello, my name is Lyse LETEURTOIS and I'm working as a global category manager, at Vantiva

Describe a project or achievement from your internship that shaped your career at Vantiva.

Lyse LETEURTOIS: I've created with the team, a database of my category with all technical details and preferred products for different design. this document focus on communication with engineers by providing fast access to product information and making our decision process more efficient.

What skill or knowledge from your Vantiva internship helped you succeed as a full-time employee?

Lyse LETEURTOIS: The most valuable skill or knowledge I acquired at Vantiva I think it's communication, a cross functional team communication. Plus, I would say software used like Power BI, SAP even if I knew them before, I use them a lot in the company So yeah! you learn that a lot.

What, in your view, sets Vantiva apart as a unique and attractive place to begin a career?

Lyse LETEURTOIS: Vantiva is a great place to begin your career because it's a collaborative place and learning oriented environment. We have trainings and in results, we get a certification you can use outside of the company. Also, we are always dedicated to innovation and make improvement internally.

What advice would you offer to upcoming Vantiva interns?

Lyse LETEURTOIS: My advice to new people at Vantiva would be to embrace every opportunity to learn and grow. You can take initiative, ask questions to people and seek mentorship from experienced colleagues.

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