V.I.B.E. Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond Video Testimonials

February 19, 2024

Video Transcript

Please share how V.I.B.E. connect advertising and Lynnis's other social media services have helped you?

If you have the opportunity to take advantage of Linus's Vibe Connection advertising program, you must do that. There are so many benefits, many opportunities in the Facebook group to write articles to do webinars, to be interviewed live by Linus uh to promote what other Facebook groups do you know where you actually are invited to promote, to tell people who you are what you do when you have new offerings. It is an amazing group of people, mostly women from 92 countries, over 22,000 people right there. Just waiting. They are in the group because they're interested in vibing, they're interested in their health, in their relationships and their businesses making money. So whatever your product or services, these 22,000 plus women are ready and they're so kind and so welcoming, interested in what I have to say as um an expert in the group and very interactive. It's a, it's a wonderful, safe and easy way to get in front of a brand new audience of eager buyers. Don't miss this opportunity.

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