Paulo Borges, CEO @ SEGURTI

April 12, 2023

Paulo Borges is CEO at SEGURTI in Portugal. Hear about his experience with Uptime's Accredited Tier Specialist and Accredited Operations Specialist courses.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paulo Borges, CEO, SEGURTI

Please introduce yourself: What is your name, what company do you work for and what is your role or job title?

Paulo Borges: Hello, my name is Paulo Borges I'm CEO of a company called SEGURTI and I work as an international data center consultant.

Please tell us what Uptime Institute course you completed.

Paulo Borges: So far I have completed four Uptime Institute courses. The first one, the ATS was back in 2012. A few years later, in 2017, I had the AOS. After a few years of field experience, I decided to run for the degree of Expert that was confirmed by the Uptime Institute in 2020. In 2022, the Uptime Institute launch the AOP and ATP courses. And I was invited to become one of the first students worldwide. It was in fact a very pleasant experience.

What did you like best about the course?

Paulo Borges: What did I like best about these courses? And well, let me start with the fact that they are very comprehensive and detailed. You are going to get high quality and skilled instructors. Most of them are actually certification auditors, meaning that they have plenty of field experience in practical applications, case studies, technical space, state of the art discussions, very important pieces of information and experiences that you are going to get from these courses. Let me tell you that my current professional activities are based on the mix between my engineering background and also the knowledge that I captured throughout these courses. Being so to get the job done and help data centers to become certified, that's my experience. These courses are a must.

How will this training help you day-to-day on the job?

Paulo Borges: How these courses improve my professional activities. Very nice question. I selected six major key points. Number one, technical knowledge / continuous challenge. Because these courses are about state of the art discussions. Number two energy efficiency techniques and use cases not theoretical approaches. Number three, Tier requirements proper interpretation. Most of the times we are going to have the chance to discuss with certification auditors. Number four DC Operations management, talking about processes, procedures and best practices for management in efficiency. Number five, certification readiness. Less errors, less time, less money. Number six - International data center market acceptance, more and more RFPs across the world ask for Uptime Institute Accredited Professionals.

Paulo Borges, CEO, SEGURTI


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