Uplift Education Possip Academy

October 25, 2022

Video Transcript

How are your peers leading and making decisions using the routine flow of family, staff and student feedback?

Lenisha Roberts from Uplift Education shares her experience.

What do is that we kind of like share the love, right? So school teams, the leaders have to attack the hot topics within seven days. Um, my team, the Family Engagement Coordinators are on campus. They reach out to the medium and the cool because it's not as many that they can't do it within a week. So their charges seven days as well around mid month because we know that sometimes things come up and our leaders may not get to it. We do a follow up. My Managers actually do a follow up with their teams, um, the schools that they're assigned to and they will contact the parents of the hot topics and say, hey, just making sure someone followed up with you. Then we find out yeah or nay if they've been contacted and we hear like no they haven't. Then we follow up in an email to those leaders and say, hey, I just wanted to let you know, you know, this parents share that. They have still haven't heard from anyone. Can someone reach out to them today? So we're like really diligent about making sure that we follow back up to ensure that each parent that left information, someone reaches out to them

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