Vilma Parrilla

September 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Vilma Parrilla

Introduce yourself. (State your name and the School District you work for)

Vilma Parrilla: Hello, my name is Vilma Parilla and I work for Prince George's County Public School.

How did United Schools Associates help you?

Vilma Parrilla: I was assisted by Mr. Carter and his team, in United Schools (Associates) By My husband, he actually had a dislocation of his ankle recently, and we needed the services and the support, because he also had to have surgery for the ankle. And , United Schools (Associates) made it super painless and easy through Mr Carter's support and his team as well. We were able to submit our paperwork and then get the financial support that we needed.

Would you recommend United Schools Associates to other educators?

Vilma Parrilla: I would totally recommend United Schools Associates to anyone. To friends and coworkers. But I would also recommend 100% Mr. Carter and his team. He has just been so supportive and kind throughout the process, his team and him they just made it so painless for me to be able to put in the request um the forms that needed to be completed. They helped me to ensure that they were done correctly. The process was super easy and fast before I knew it we were receiving our check and we were able to cover medical bills we had to cover. and so I just would for sure recommend them. I think they're awesome. They're level of professionalism, their level of efficiency and how fast they work. It's really remarkable and again they're just so kind and so I am very very grateful for their support and the fact that they were there when we need it most. So thank you Mr Carter and Team and thank you United Schools (Associates).

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