Ferlyn Pinera Team Member Testimonials

March 31, 2022

Video Transcript

Why did you join United Schools Associates?

Ferlyn Pinera: Hello. My name is Feryn and I'm a Back Office and Customer Service Support for United Schools Associates. For nearly two years now. I joined the USA because there's just this unexplainable, positive feeling that I felt when I first learned about USA And I've proven that when I started working for the company and with the team. Also, whenever I hear the words, serve, protect, family and world class service, it really puts a smile on my face because it reminds me of the company that gave me the opportunity to grow and to reach for my personal and professional, long term goals. And I will always be honored and proud to say that I am part of the United States Associates.

What do you like most about working for United Schools Associates?

Ferlyn Pinera: What I like the most about working for United Schools Associates is that it allows me to be who I really am with no judgement. I also love the fact that I am working for a company where my boss, Coach C and the rest of the team makes me feel appreciated, valued and needed. And the team celebrates with me on my wins and also works with me on my areas of opportunities. I love working for a team that really delivers and I would go an extra mile just to provide quality and world class service. So I'm really grateful and blessed to be a part of this team. I could go on with a lot of things that I like about working for United Schools Associates. There's, there's just too many. But one thing, this is one of the best decisions I've made in my career.

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