Lileth Expectacion for Team Member Testimonials

March 31, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lileth Expectacion, Back Office Team Leader

Why did you join United Schools Associates?

Lileth Expectacion: I joined United Schools Associates because I found a family here eight years ago. I was an immigrant and trying to adjust in this country. But USA they held my hand til I succeeded and achieved my USA goals. Living on my own in a foreign country was hard, but I owe my sanity and my well spirited personality to United School Associates. They helped me build myself and discover skills that I never thought I had. They took care of me like I'm also part of their family.

What do you like most about working for United Schools Associates?

Lileth Expectacion: I like most about working with, USA, was the part where you can help protect our client's finances when the unexpected happens. Um, it is so rewarding when a client calls up and stating that, you know, they received their benefits or when a client was having a hard time finding their claim and we're we were able to get them to the finish line. It's a great feeling knowing that through USA, um, we're able to help these people and great coworkers too no competition or whatsoever going on with the organization, which is I love, it's a nontoxic, nontoxic working place. I don't like working with USA. I love it here.

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